The On Wisc Team

The team at “On Wisconsin” is a dedicated group of students in love with Madison and all things Wisconsin. We dream every day of bringing the magic of Madison onto the radio airwaves– the art, the music, the voices across the isthmus and four lakes and everything that is the spirit of the Badgers. All week the team works tirelessly to create a quality radio program for the community, encompassing politics, cultures, sports, art, music and more. We want to cover the stories, ask the right questions and give back our campus, city and state. And we want to do all while having fun and putting smiles on every listener’s face. Like one team member said, “It is one of our favorite hours each week, and we want it to be for our listeners.” This is the team aiming to do just that!

“It is one of our favorite hours each week, and we want it to be for our listeners, too.”

-Elizabeth Souder, On Wisconsin Host

 Sarah Hopefl, Executive Producer/Host

Host Sarah Hopefl Host Sarah Hopefl Host Sarah Hopefl

Sarah Hopefl is a senior at the University of Wisconsin in School of Journalism. She recently returned from a semester abroad at the University of Leeds in England.  In addition to  her work at WSUM, she is the producer of A Public Affair on WORT 88.9 FM and a member of  the UW Marching Band. She is the pure-bred sconnie of the program, Wisconsin through and through. Her personality heroes are Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Jad Abumrad. And it’s called a bubbler.

Check out Sarah’s blog here.

 Alejandro A. Alonso Galva, Executive Producer

Alejandro Alejandro Alejandro

Alejandro Alonso Galva is a post-grad student and middle school Spanish teacher. He is the definition of starving, aspiring writer and radio man. Raised in Omaha, Alejandro provides the outsiders love and perspective of Wisconsin. As a member of the Puerto Rican diaspora, he has traveled the world but has never seen anyplace quite like Madison. His personality heroes are Edward R. Murrow, The Beatles, Hemingway and Toby Zeigler.

 Elizabeth Souder, Executive Producer/Director of Operations 

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Elizabeth Souder is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Journalism and Spanish. When not chatting on-air or working at Epic, spending time in her hometown of Stillwater, Minnesota, and eating spaghetti. A former On Wisconsin intern, Liz was appointed the sass police of the program, and we’ve regretted it ever since. Now somehow she has the keys to the executive suite and we are bracing for disaster. Aspiring comedic writer and french bulldog owner. Her rap album drops next week. Favorite personality heroes Mindy Kaling (is her life), Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler.

Sam Landowski, Reporter/Political 

Sam Landowski is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In only his first few weeks on the show Sam has made himself an integral part of the On Wisc Team, specifically in the realm of politics. He stepped up to report on the Elizabeth Warren/Russ Feingold Rally and Governor Scott Walkers presidential dropout within weeks of joining the program. Sam’s raw talent and keen mind make for an exciting future.

Annie Peretz, Public Relations Team

Annie is just joining the On Wisc Team this semester after just transferring from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She is a southern gal with a knack for sailing. She is lacking in the Wisconsin accent department, but we love her anyway. Annie is a member of our first public relations team, aiming to take On Wisconsin Radio to new heights.

Our Awesome Alumni:

 Stephanie Awe, Founder/Former Host

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Stephanie was a founder of On Wisconsin Radio and one of the original #awkwardLadies. Stephanie and Sarah began hosting On Wisconsin in September of 2013, scheduling its first guests, interviews, and topics. Stephanie’s work in the early days of the show, before there was a website or podcast or 6pm time slot, was crucial to the shows present day success. Her spirit of upbeat, enthusiastic, and informative journalism is still at the core of On Wisc.

Ashley Truttschel, Former Public Relations Lead

Ashley Truttschel

Ashley Truttschel is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Journalism. Though her strong Wisconsin accent was rarely heard on-air, Ashley’s personality lives on within the On Wisconsin team. Her work on social media, logos, and camera work gave our radio show its first visual representation. She recorded the magic behind the scenes and gave our program a look you could remember. She was an irreplaceable off-air personality that kept the Wisco wheels turning and one of our first On Wisc Team recruits.