April 11: UW Band Director Mike Leckrone

Now that the primary is over, we take a break from the politics for a little bit, and instead on this episode we honor one of UW’s greatest traditions. This week marks the 42nd anniversary of the UW Varsity Band’s Spring Concerts, which will take place this Thursday through Saturday, April 14-16, at the Kohl Center.

In honor of the spring concerts, we sit down with UW Band Director Mike Leckrone. Leckrone has been at the University of Wisconsin for 47 years. His influence on the band and the university over the past four decades has made him famous all around the state and across the Big 10.

Leckrone sat down with us to discuss the 5th Quarter, his origin story, and the evolution of the spring concerts. In this extended interview, hear about his first Rose Bowl, why the band doesn’t participate in politics, and what he would have done if he wasn’t, well, Mike Leckrone. 

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