Website will be undergoing construction at Midnight, this Friday.

Want to make a difference in your life? Want to fight for that half a step?

Do it. #notime2sleep #itsallhappening

Hey, Alejandro here, executive producer for On Wisconsin Radio. I’ll be revamping the website all night tonight. Hopefully my amateur website skillz can make a difference. We are hoping to create a website that looks better, feels better, updates faster and includes all of your favorite On Wisconsin Moments. We are working hard everyday to make a podcast and radio show all of Madison can be proud of, feel free to tweet at me if you are having a happy friday night.

Just for fun, I will be listing my playlist for the night. All nighters! Can’tStopWon’tStop! Make them notice.


Playlist: (so far)

  1. Beatles: Free As a Bird
  2. Kanye West: 808s & Heartbreak
  3. Foo Fighters:
    1. Best of You
    2. Hero
    3. Everlong
    4. The Pretender
  4. Incubus: Morning View
  5. Beatles: Revolver
  6. Aerosmith:
    1. Walking in the Sand
    2. Dream On
    3. Rag Doll
    4. Janie’s Got a Gun
    5. What It Takes
    6. Take me to the other side
    7. girls of summer




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