Comedian Christopher Titus

The On Wisconsin team chats with comedian Christopher Titus, and a dog.

We had a chance to chat with world nationally famous comedian Christopher Titus about his career, the ins and outs of comedy and his latest tour, “The Angry Pursuit of Happiness.”¬†Christopher Titus has built his comedy career on the trials and tribulations of life. Love and happiness are not something that simply happen according to Mr. Titus, you must fight for them and pursue them. Because no matter what happens “life just keeps on life-ing” and you have to fight through to the very end. Mr. Titus has done the heavy lifting comically, saving lives and inspiring people with specials such as “Norman Rockwell” and “Love is Evil.” Chris Titus firmly believes comedy can cures ills and save the world, and his work has proven just that. “The Angry Pursuit of Happiness” is now available in stores and on his website.

This interview originally aired in the Spring of 2014 with Stephanie Awe and Sarah Hopefl at the helm with Alejandro still just helping out. Hopefully you enjoy his stories and conversations as much as we did.  (And maybe laugh at our young voices.)

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