Bernie Sanders Madison Rally

Photo of Bernie Sanders signs at the Bernie Sanders 2016 rally in Madison, WI

In late June, progressives and Democrats around Wisconsin were thrilled to welcome presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to Madison. The Long time senator from Vermont was in town to raise funds and energy for his national campaign, and our progressive corner did not disappoint. The senator had the largest crowd of any presidential contender this season, including fellow Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. With seven months still left in before Iowans cast the first votes of the Democratic primary in the February caucus, some progressives around the party have begun to speculate whether a more progressive candidate can take the assumed mantle from Ms. Clinton.

The senator’s campaign is focused on bringing a progressive voice he felt was missing from the election landscape. He focused on the middle class, the economy, and corruption, calling income inequality the greatest moral, economic, and political issue of our time. He also emphasized education and environmental responsibility.

He kept his focus on the Republican rivals, calling their positions on issues such as education, women’s health, and taxes extremism.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the speech, however most voters wondered whether Mr. Sanders had the ability to win. At this rally, the hearts of Madisonians were saying yes, but their minds were not so sure.

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