#EuropeLog: Stuff on stuff on stuff

The other night I finally was able to Skype with one of my best friends back home. And as is Skype tradition for me when I talk to people from a new home, I had to give the flat tour. The flat is very basic. When you walk in there is one small “common room,” with a table and four chairs, but it’s really just the room that you walk through to get to the kitchen or bathroom. It’s dark, and all the other rooms come off it so there’s no natural light. Then we have a basic bathroom, toilet shower, the basics, and a tiny step-saver kitchen where it’s really only practical for one person to be cooking at once because it’s so small.

And I believe I talked about my bedroom in another post. Basic, basic stuff.

As I carried my Macbook around to show my friend my temporary home, she remarked about how “posh” it looked. Posh? Posh is the last word I would use to describe my flat. It’s one of the cheapest places on campus and there’s really nothing to it. She clarified her use of “posh” to describe that it was just so clean and organized.

No stuff

The next morning I was thinking about it and realized that we’re not clean and organized, we just don’t have any stuff. If you walk in the Glass Menagerie back in Madison (my house back home for you new readers) there is always stuff. All over the place (with a rusty spoon). And that’s normal. It’s normal to talk into a house and see stuff. The band flag, photos, DVDs, stolen signs on the wall, knick-knacks, and other various stuff that just accumulates from living.

I didn’t realize how much stuff I had, and how normal that is, until I got here. Living out of a suitcase in England I have the bare minimum. I had to pack my life into a suitcase that weighed less than 50 lbs. So now I don’t have stuff. The only stuff I have hanging out at the moment is an assortment of random underwear and socks that I washed in the sink today (laundry is hella expensive here, and a girl’s gotta eat).

Even without stuff, I’m doing just fine. That’s not to say that I’m always cluttered back home, I’m not, it was just a random observation that popped out here when there’s literally no stuff. 

People have a lot of stuff. How do we accumulate all of it? It’s normal to have stuff, and it’s normal to have a lot of stuff. (I apologize for using that word so much, but that’s just how I feel right now about it). It’s not that we’re hoarders or anything. Weird. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but when I woke up this morning I thought the observation was worth mentioning.

Random thought concluded….for now. Maybe I’ll be back with some really deep explanation that makes a profound statement about the human race, but today is not that day. Just an observation.

Hopefl out.

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