#EuropeLog: Hellooooo England!

‘Ello On Wisconsin! Yes, I, Sarah Hopefl, your host, has arrived in Leeds for a semester abroad! And guess what? Today’s show day! And I’m not there! Crazy stuff, man. I don’t know how I feel about it. Alejandro, Ashley, Liz – I believe in you. The ship is in your hands, don’t let it sink!

So. I have this blog going, ya know, and I thought it’s only fair for me to share my adventures with you as well back in Madison. Thus, I shall begin:

After what felt like every form of transportation available, I am finally in Leeds!


Here was the process: Drive to O’Hare, fly to Philadelphia, fly to Manchester, bus to Piccadilly Station, train to Leeds and cab to the dorm. Oooooofdah. It was quite the journey. I flew with six other students from UW and we figured out everything together. One of the girls was also put in my dorm, and boyyyyyy did we make a fool of ourselves finding it. Based on the photos on the website, we were certain the building that the cab driver took us to was the place. It was perfect! It was cute and old and people everything that I would have expected from an old English building. So then, after freaking out about how cute this building was (we even took the typical photo of us standing in front of it with our luggage), we went through the gate and realized we couldn’t get in. I vaguely remembered that I was supposed to be in flat 8, so naturally I thought it wise to buzz that flat. A guy answered and must have thought I was the dumbest creature to walk the wet streets of England, because he quickly hung up on me.  So here we are, two clearly lost Americans tripping around the street with giant suitcases, and everyone just passed us on the street. This surprised me, coming from Wisconsin where people are usually very friendly and help strangers that look lost. Nope. Not this time. Let’s just walk passed the dumb Americans, okay.


Eventually we found the dorm, which happened to be a couple buildings down. It was not clearly marked at all, nothing like UW on moving day with flashing lights and people directing traffic. Nope. We walked up to the building and buzzed in. When a man answered I told him I thought I lived there, and at this point I was not confident of anything so I probably sounded crazy. Ah well. He let us in and showed us to our rooms with that cheeky British sense of humor that I prepared myself for. I was right about being in Flat 8, which is located on the 4th floor (or 3rd floor, according to the Brits). There is no lift (elevator), but the man was nice enough to carry my 50 lb suitcase up the stairs for me.


The flat consists of a common room, which is basically a room with a table (it smells weird), a bathroom, kitchen and four bedrooms. I’ve only met one roommate so far, she’s also an international student from Asia. I call her the Yeti because I never see her. I can sense her presence, and I know she exists, but she’s like a mythical creature that I’m only lucky to catch once in a blue moon. I haven’t met the other two yet. I’m pretty sure I have the largest room. I have a double bed and my own balcony which is pretty sweet. The only downer is that it’s freeeeeeezing. I wear sweatpants and two sweatshirts to bed and I still shiver through the night. It’s also pretty far from campus, at least a 15-20 minute walk.

There are already so many stories to tell, but I don’t want to overwhelm this post so they’ll have to wait. Cheers!

Hopefl out.


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