#EuropeLog: But actually where is the coffee

Hello world. Life just keeps on lifein’ here.


Every day gets a little bit easier. Unfortunately I’ve had a rotten head cold for a few days now. It started out with laryngitis, which wasn’t too bad. But stubborn/space cadet Sarah forgot to buy medicine and it progressed to a sinus infection. Gross things are oozing out of my face and it is disgusting. There is so much pressure on my face that it’s making my teeth hurt. Eek! It’s frustrated because I want to be out exploring and meeting new people, but one, I need sleep and straight chilling to get over this. Two, as I’m trying to meet new people I sound like Christian Bale’s Batman. I’m really not that strange, guys, I swear! I’m just ill!

It’s surprisingly cold here. I used to stalk Leed’s weather back in Madison in the upcoming weeks before the trip, and thought it would be much warmer than it is. It’s been mostly in the upper 30s and 40s, which in Wisconsin is practically a heat wave. But here it’s a damp cold. After some of the winters we’ve had, I thought my Wisconsin skin was tough enough to handle anything here but I am freeeeeeeezing.

While I am getting a little more adjusted to this place every day, the one thing I am still struggling with hardcore is the lack of a decent cup of coffee. People who know me know I drink about a pot of coffee a day (not a big pot, about 5 cups). Yeah no. That’s not a thing here. It is soul-crushing. I’ve had one shitey cup of instant coffee at the union, but that’s it. So if anyone wants to send me a coffee pot, hit me up. The coffee shops are liars. Don’t call yourself a coffeeshop if you don’t sell straight up coffee. Punks.

Legitimate question.

UPDATE: Midway through writing this post my wonderful roommate from Canada knocked on my door and offered me coffee that she made with her French press! BLESS THIS DAY. Oh my dear, sweet Lord – I need a drink. Of coffee. Holy cats everything is right in the world again. I have been blessed by the coffee gods and am currently drinking the sweet nectar of the glorious beans hailing from Kopakama (and by sweet and mean bitter because the only way to drink coffee is black). And yeah, the coffee is from Sainsbury’s, so it’s whatever. BUT this gives me hope. A light in the dark I have not seen ’til this very morning. Bless this day. Bless you, Layne, my Canadian roommate.


Now back to the other random updates. I haven’t been eating much since I got here. The combination of adjusting to a new schedule, being a little homesick, and terrified to buy, well, anything, I don’t think I’ve consumed a full day of calories since I’ve been in the states. I am proud to announce that yesterday I had three meals! Woo! I had a banana for breakfast, a BLT bagel and fries for lunch at the union, and a lime and chili salad with grilled chicken for dinner! #progress. I went to Morrison’s (one of their main grocery shops) but was too overwhelmed to buy real food, so once again I found myself buying instant noodles and soup. I do plan on going to the Leeds Market and getting myself some produce. Gotta fight off that scurvy.

Ok now that I’ve had coffee I am ready for the day! My goal for the week is to get a local phone. I debated even getting a phone, but after being here a few days I think it’s necessary. This city is huge and can get a little sketch at night, especially if you’re a foreigner and have no idea where anything is. I can use my iPod to keep in touch with people whenever I have wifi, but I want a phone for emergencies and to be able to call cabs when I’m lost or go to the city centre. Once I get dressed I’m going to go to Trinity Shopping Center and look for a cheap pay-as-you-go phone. Plus the shopping center is amazing and surrounded by all these old buildings. Sometimes I can’t believe actually live here. Oof.

That’s what I got for now. There are definitely stories I’m missing, but I’ll get to those later. So many things happen when you move to another country, go figure.

Hopefl out.


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