UW Protest Organizer Deshawn McKinney

Late Sunday evening on December 14th, just as finals week was getting underway, students on the University of Wisconsin campus came together under the shadow of President Abe Lincoln at the top of Bascom Hill. They were meeting in protest against discrimination and recent violence. The crowd, which swelled to as high as a thousand according to some estimates, was sparked by a string of fatal actions taken by police officers against people of color across the United States, including the shooting of a 12-year-old unarmed boy at a park in Cleveland Ohio. From there the march began, stopping at College Library to perform a massive “die-in.” Students spread their bodies across the floors of the crowded, three level study center for undergraduates, lying silently for 20 minutes, before continuing their march across campus.

Deshawn McKinney and Matthew Braunginn, organizers of the peaceful movement taking place in Madison joined us in the studio the day following demonstration to discuss how it was organized, their mission, and where to go from here.

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