Madison Mayoral Candidate Bridget Maniaci

“I got into politics because of punk rock.”

      -Bridget Maniaci, Candidate for Mayor

Though it seems the midterm elections just finished up, the mayoral elections here in Madison are just getting started. One UW grad throwing her hat in the race is Bridget Maniaci.

Maniaci is a fifth generation Madisonian and has accumulated a wide array of accomplishments in her time here. She served on Common Council for four years, organized the inaugural Fright Fest concerts, initiated the bus stop plowing program, has been a major advocate for bicyclists in the city and much more.

As a UW alumna, Maniaci says she will ensure students also have a voice in city government. As a young candidate she claims her decisions will focus on consequences and results not just in the coming years, but 30 years down the road.

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