Comedian Julian McCullough

As is always a fun time, between the sporting events and political coverage, On Wisconsin will often be visited by a national humorist extraordinaire. On those days we are often hit with a much needed tidal wave of jokes, laughter, and silliness, as these guests wish not to discuss the philosophical struggle hidden deep with their genesis story– they want to laugh, and more importantly make you laugh.

This case was no different as nationally known comedian Julian McCullough came to visit us in the studio. At first we drilled him with inquiries into his comedic process and inspirational figures in his life. The man was having none of it. And before the On Wisc Team knew it, we were getting drilled with questions regarding our sex lives, dating, and false romances. The interview went off the rails, in the hilarious fashion only comedians can provide.

This episode is one of our favorites, if not our most embarrassing.

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